Group Coaching

The DL2 program (Developing Leaders Squared) consists of monthly sessions, with 10-12 leaders to learn the LOUIE model and develop outstanding leadership skills and behaviors. Those leaders in turn develop other leaders. These sessions are highly customized according to our client’s needs and include the following topics:

  1. Introduction: Foundational Leadership Assessments; Understand How We Work Together
  2. How To Build Trust
  3. Learn The PAWS Method
  4. How To Set And Achieve Team Goals (Which Align With Company Goals)
  5. How To Develop Listening Skills and Understand How We Communicate
  6. Learn The Art Of Conflict Resolution
  7. Understand Our Strengths
  8. Develop Other Leaders By Using Situational Leadership II® Concepts
  9. Motivate And Invest In Your Team
  10. Coach Others For Success
  11. Empower Others/Accountability