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Lead Like Louie

From the unlikeliest of sources—a rescue pup—you can reap decades of leadership lessons and nuggets of wisdom. Louie’s initial fears and bad behaviors prompted his new owner, author Danise C. DiStasi, to use everything she knew about leadership to work it out.

What Danise learned from and with Louie forms the basis for her simple and streamlined leadership model. For a leader in any organization, this approach boils down numerous leadership studies to one understandable formula. With a few changes in behavior, anyone can become a great leader, and any team can produce great work. One example from Louie’s stories is the PAWS method for dealing with issues. As a leader, it is important to respond professionally and appropriately to conflict, thus avoiding acting in a way you will regret. Stellar leadership has a direct connection to relationship building, and it is this wisdom that forms the basis for Louie’s lessons.

With praise from Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager, this insightful guide reveals how to truly empower a team. By following this model, a leader can take the first step: investing in and understanding others, allowing a true transformation to take place.


Hide and Seek

Belle has a secret. As a young girl, she made a decision based on one little lie. That decision would forever change her life simply because she believed love was conditional and fear, cleverly disguised as courage, became the driving force behind her sheer determination.

Even as a successful business owner, Belle struggles with fear and doubt and wonders if she will ever be good enough. Through an extraordinary set of circumstances, she meets a young child, Meme.

Meme walks with Belle through many life situations: helping a friend whose child has lost her battle to cancer, missing her two somewhat distant children, and struggling with a board member scheming to take over her business. Through each situation, Meme imparts wisdom regarding several characteristics that transform Belle over time.

As Meme imparts this wisdom, she too changes over time. Belle had never told anyone about her secret and had worked all her life to keep it hidden. With Meme’s assistance, Belle learns that revealing the secret will set her free to know that she is truly loved. Meme also helps Belle discover the balance she desperately needs: how to be strong, not pushy; bold, not rude; and humble, not weak.

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Steppin' out of my Skin

"Racial relations in America continue to be one of the country's most challenging issues. Applause goes to Danise DiStasi for highlighting what an enormous block prejudice is and for suggesting ways it can be transmuted. Read and learn!"

Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and The On Time, On Target Manager

Steppin' Out Of My Skin is a parable that takes place in Cincinnati, OH April of 2001. The story challenges readers to acknowledge the ingrained prejudices that lie deep within our hearts and minds and to change the behavior that results from flawed thinking. True transformation occurs as individuals apply the four steps taught throughout the captivating story; Reconciliation through the power of forgiveness, Acknowledge we have ingrained prejudices, Community is built one relationship at a time and Education is the key to breaking down the walls. Readers will be compelled to make a lifelong change.