Danise and Louie have the ideal bond between human and dog—unconditional love. I have the same connection with my little dog, Joy, who not only brings me joy but also helps me be a better person and a better leader. Read this book and you’ll see why it’s no accident that God, spelled backwards, is dog.

Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

Who doesn’t love stories involving adorable dogs? Danise has a unique way of taking heartwarming stories and moving them into lessons that are easily adaptable as tools to use within an organization. Our company has benefited from her use of these tools to improve our team’s leadership behaviors. This contributed a great deal to the growth of our company and personal development of our associates.
— Nader Masadeh, President & CEO, Buffalo Wings And Rings

“LEADership is an influence, and Louie sure knows how to influence (Danise does a nice job too!)! The LOUIE Leadership Model guides our LEADership workshops with high schoolers, emerging leaders, and those who have reFired (rather than retire). Understandable, actionable, and quite memorable. L is for Love, and LEADership is Love -we Love Louie, Danise and the lessons we’ve learned.
— Bob Pautke, Executive Director, LEAD Clermont Academy

Such a wise dog! Louie seems to understand human nature better than many humans!
— Debbie Simpson, President, Multi-Craft

Louie’s Leadership Lessons remind me that leadership and doing the right thing are pretty simple - we humans make it complicated.
— T.D. Hughes, Former CEO and Chairman of the Board, LaRosas Inc.

Very timely and insightful advice. Louie and his mom are relationship experts and I always enjoy hearing about his adventures.
— Patti Massey, President, MYCA:group

I was astounded by Louie’s story and Danise’s link to leadership principles. She was invited to lead a series of time slots for the Edoc Service staff. What a memorable story (still ongoing) and remarkable training.
— Jim Mullaney, President/CEO Edoc Service, Inc.

Louie’s Leadership Lessons challenge me to review my character in everyday situations. As a ministry leader, I need compassion, yet boundaries, to help people accomplish ‘the next right thing’ in life.
— Lana K.

Louie’s Leadership Lessons gives a fresh set of “eyes” for appreciating the direct connection between relationships and leadership, all through Louie’s unique and entertaining perspective.

— Chuck Proudfit, President, SkillSource